2019 Conference Program

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The New Jersey Program Committee needs facilitators for the workshops that will be offered at the 2019 NJ RoundUp.  The goal this year is to run the workshops as true "workshops" and not meetings.

workshop schedule to be announced

Here is a list of the workshops that will be offered this year.  If you would like to facilitate a workshop, please email program@njroundup.org. When emailing, please provide your name and phone number.  Also, please provide a brief summary on how you plan to conduct the workshop.  If needed, suggested guidelines can be provided on how to create a workshop.

Should you have any questions, please contact program@njroundup.org

Suggested Workshop Format

  • Open workshop with the Serenity Prayer
  • Remind participants the importance of anonymity and read tradition Twelve :
  • Anonymity is the spiritual foundation ever  reminding us to place principles above  personalities.
    The moderator should give a brief description as to what the workshop will cover.  The overall goal is to have an actual workshop and avoid a discussion meeting on the topic.  Additionally, the workshop should be tied in as much as possible to the AA Big Book and steps.
  • After the topic has been introduced, each participant is asked to write a question (3x5 cards can be provided by you) on the subject under discussion and pass it to the moderator.
  • The moderate will provide their own experience with regard to the topic.
  • Try to create one or two group activities.  The activities should allow group members to work in small groups and discuss their experience with regard to the topic.  After allotted time, pull all participants back together and discuss findings as a whole group.
  • As group activities are occurring, the moderator should review the questions and try to address at the end of the workshop.  One suggestion is to use the questions as a group activity.  Give a question to a group, let them discuss, and after allotted time, each group provides a summary of their discussion.
  • At the end, wrap up the workshop (summarize discussion).  Try to tie into The Steps/Higher Power/Big Book.
  • End with the Promises and then Serenity Prayer. 


  • If you are actually teaching a topic, you might want to have handouts for the group members.
  • You should bring pencils/paper for group members.
  • Use erase boards to write down group members’ responses.


New date in August TBD

NJ Roundup