The Roundup Committee is made up of people who donate their time helping with organizing and running fundraisers and events for the New Jersey Roundup.

We always hear in recovery how service is important and in order to keep it we need to give it away. What better way to get involved with service then to join and help the committee?

We need help with:
Fundraising - Creating events such as dances, game night, bowling events, spagetti dinner, pancake breakfast, etc that we will receive donations to help offset the cost for the annual NJ Roundup in Asbury Park.

Booking - Speakers for events.
Outreach - contacting other groups and roundups with information on up coming events.
Program - Creating and organizing the meeting and seminar lists for the 3 days of the New Jersey Roundup.
Registration - taking applications for people going to the roundup, assisting with people signing up at the roundup.

Everyone is welcome to join the Roundup Committee or volunteer to help at events. If you would like to help at our events by making coffee, greeting people, etc, your services would be greatly appreciated. We also have a scholarship program where you can volunteer time to offset the cost for events.

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